Designing The Perfect Package

We are living in a consumer lead world.  Everything and anything that we may want is now available to us and can be purchased in a store.  With so many choices however, many businesses are struggling to come up with the best package concepts and materials to get their products noticed.  Here are a few ideas and concepts that you can use to get your products noticed.

Keep it simple

When creating your packaging the key is to keep it simple.  With so many options on the shelves packagers may think they will have an advantage if they come up with a flashy package or design an odd shape.  The truth is that these will distract from the product and cause people to pass by.

Simple colors

package concepts and materials

When deciding on your packaging, keeping it focused on simple colors is key.  The human eye is conditioned to hone in on specific colors.  This is why red, yellow and green are used for traffic lights, and white is an accent.  When we stick to simple colors and limit the number of colors used our eyes will hone in on that product faster.

Use basic shapes

When working on your design keep it to basic shapes.  When we use basic shapes they are able to be stacked in patterns and look good on store shelves.  Trying to be cute with your shapes and packaging will limit store owners from wanting to stock your products.  Think of the consumer and those using your products in your designs.


The final aspect in anything is to test.  Too often than not people will run with their first idea when creating their packaging.  To avoid costly mistakes you will want to have several different versions of your idea test to see which one gives the best results.